Bberii Pegasus Screen Share makes your big screen TV more flexible


berriSome devices might be extremely small in nature, but they sure as heck are extremely useful to tote around, especially when you consider the kind of capabilities that they offer. For instance, a tiny USB flash drive which remains embedded in your USB port always will provide you with additional storage space all the time, while the $99.99 Bberii Pegasus Screen Share does its bit in showing off video content from a smartphone or tablet in real time to your spanking new big screen TV in your living room that is your new pride and joy over Christmas.

The Bberii Pegasus Screen Share will play nice with the entire range of smartphones and devices that have with Miracast or DLNA capability. Surely with this, it would work a whole lot better in any social setting – whether serious or otherwise, as you want to show off your latest presentation, or most recently shot videos of your holidays in the Bahamas to a room full of people without having them to wait for their turn and pass the tiny smartphone or tablet around. No sir, with the Bberii Pegasus Screen Share, everyone will be able to revel in your latest videos at the same time without missing a beat.

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