TokyoFlash Kisai On Air lets you tell the time with flair

A fancy timepiece is something that everyone would like to have, although at the end of the day, you will not go wrong with the like of Tissot or a Rolex. Of course, such watches will definitely cost a bomb, but you know for sure that they are basically watches that will be able to last you for an entire lifetime. Well, how about taking the road less traveled with the $199.99 TokyoFlash Kisai On Air? This particular timepiece sports a minimalist design without compromising on the insides which actually boasts of a highly-technical package.

In a nutshell, the TokyoFlash Kisai On Air will most of the time feature a blank, round LCD display that has a number written on where you would normally find the hour hand reside on an analog watch. The number itself will be able to tell you just how many minutes it is past the hour, while the angle it’s pointing to will indicate the hour itself. Minimalist and smart at the same time, making it a firm favorite with us geeks here. Not only that, the dial itself is touch-sensitive, as it boasts of a quartet of hot-zones (top, bottom, left, right). These hot-zones would allow you to change the mode with but a touch of a finger, now how about that?