Five Sense Aroma Diffuser will help you find your inner peace


Five Sense Aroma Diffuser
We all have our own song and dance for how we relax. Some just want to unwind in front of the television or sit down to some video games, and others look to incense, yoga, and meditation. For those of you that prefer to find inner peace through internal reflection, you know how helpful having a serene environment can be.

Eliminating exterior noise, not being under harsh light, and breathing in a pleasant aroma all help you to find a state of calm. The Five Sense Aroma Diffuser will assist you with your meditative state. This is a hand-blown glass diffuser cupped in a bowl of maple wood. Inspired from an ancient Chinese instrument, this can also play music. However, if you’re not fond of listening to traditional Chinese music, you can always hook up your MP3 player to listen to your own tunes.

There are LED lights in the base that will assist with your desired ambiance, and choosing an essential oil to put into the diffuser will complete the circle.  As this is a hand-crafted item, the $369 price tag should not be too overwhelming of an idea. However, there are some accessories that would be worth looking in to. It’s a very simple, yet elegant design that takes from and balances it with function. For easy control, there is a remote that mimics the look of the diffuser from which you can start and stop your music and change up the lights.

Available for purchase on Gaiam, found via thegreenhead

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