Rolling Bedside iPad Stand works great even if you’re not sick


rolling-beside-ipad-standThe iPad is the tablet to own, although those who happen to be huge fans over in the Android camp would beg to differ. Assuming you have an iPad and would love to bring it with you wherever you go, what happens when you are sick at home and are consigned to a bed all day long? Surely holding up an iPad with your hand might prove to be too much of an ask for you, considering how you should spend all of your energy to recuperate instead. Good thing there is this thing known as the $199.95 Rolling Bedside iPad Stand, where it is a mobile iPad stand that will ensure your favorite tablet remains at the optimal viewing position while lying in bed.

It also works great when you are reclining in a chair, or even when sitting on a sofa. Boasting a height-adjustable, articulating swing arm, you will be able to place your device at the ideal eye level, distance, and angle – heck, why not turn it upside down as well? The swing arm is flexible enough to be raised or lowered from 30″-56″ using sturdy clip locks, where it will also be able to fold out of the way when not in use, or whenever you are ready to rise from your bed or chair. The mount itself will be able to secure the iPad (of course, hence its name), but it is also benevolent enough to handle other tablets or e-readers that are up to 8.5” x 11” in size.

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