Power Practical unveils PowerPot X series to deliver juice with just fire and water


powerpot-x-seriesMost of us cannot live without our favorite portable devices around, even more so when we do a whole lot of traveling. If you tend to spend plenty of time in the city or in urban areas, then chances are pretty good that you would never have an issue about the lack of electricity to power up your smartphone or tablet at the end of a long day. However, what happens when you and the family decide to rough it out for a couple of weeks, to get close to nature, and yet your little ones still want to have their daily dose of Angry Birds and Candy Crush on your iPad? Fret not, Power Practical has got your back with the unveiling of the PowerPot X and PowerPot XL.

Both the PowerPot X and PowerPot XL are now a Kickstarter project, where this crowd funding platform intends to deliver the next generation in thermoelectric power assuming all goes well. They were both named after their respective power emission of 10 Watts, which would mean that the PowerPot X Series are capable of charging a tablet, two smartphones or four GoPros simultaneously. As for “fuel”, it requires nothing other than fire and water to get the job done. Even better yet, without the presence of moving parts within, they are extremely easy to use. Since it requires no dependency on sunlight, the PowerPot is able to produce electricity in any weather, day or night, indoors and out.

Assuming the PowerPot X and PowerPot XL have been set up in mediocre conditions, they are still capable of producing 5 Watts of power, which would be able to provide users with ample power in order to keep on charging. With more power available to you, that would mean spending more time to explore your surroundings instead of waiting around the camp area so that your respective digital cameras and tablets will be able to hold enough charge for use. Not only that, they also double up as a source for boiling water for soups, hot drinks or freeze dried meals. The PowerPot X is currently going for $189, while larger groups will have to settle for the PowerPot XL for $199 a pop.

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