Otamatone Deluxe is a professional grade instrument you need no formal training to learn to play


Otamatone Deluxe
Perhaps the most terrifying thing about picking up an instrument for the first time is not knowing what to do. Are there strings to pluck or bow, or buttons to push while buzzing your lips into the mouthpiece? It can be quite overwhelming if you don’t have any guidance. While the best instrument to start on is piano, there are other options out there if you just want to have your own jam session.

The Otamatone is something we have seen in the past, but this Deluxe version takes it from a toy to a professional musician grade instrument. It sounds a bit quirky, but could fit in a variety of genres. To use it, slide your finger up and down the neck to produce the pitch, and squeeze the cheeks to give it a little vibrato. There are three octaves to choose from which include lo, medium, and hi (maybe they meant to put high?).

You can connect headphones to practice without anyone listening in, or an amp or speakers so everyone can hear your performance. There is a strap included, as this is fairly large in size. You’ll be able to choose from black or white for the body, and it will cost you around $100. You won’t need to know where to put your fingers as you rely more on listening to the pitch than anything. While in the right hands this can make some decent music, it can be equally as terrifying if not handled well.

Available for purchase on ThinkGeek

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