The Maze Mug – Those who win get to spill coffee in their lap

Maze Mug
During the colder months, we need to layer up so we don’t get frostbite. Depending on where you are, this can either be more or less of a challenge. The hard part of facing the winter is beating the mental aspect. All of the plant life is dead, and sometimes there’s hardly any snow to make it look pretty outside. This is a great time for watching movies and working on projects at home, but what about when you have to go out for work?

We all need things that will keep our minds occupied, and the Maze Mug is a perfect example of how to do that. This is a double wall insulated travel mug that just so happens to have an intricate maze on the outside of it. You’ll be able to guide the little metal ball from point A to point B. Just make sure that there’s nothing still in your cup when you start moving the thermos around. Otherwise your morning is not going to start off so well.

This cup comes in blue, green, or brown (which looks like black to me), but you won’t get to choose which color you get. While it doesn’t mention how much liquid it is capable of holding, the pictures make it look as though you could easily fit the equivalent of two mugs of coffee. One of these will only cost you around $7, and possibly more in dry cleaning if you aren’t careful.

Available on aliexpress