Mind Controlled UFO helps you fool kids into thinking you’re Professor X


mind-controlled-ufoOut of all the mutant powers that you have come across in Marvel Universe’s X-Men series, which one impresses you the most? I would like to think that being able to read minds automatically gives you the upper hand, no matter what the situation is. Your opponent could be a brute, being as strong as the Hulk, but if you could stop him or her in their tracks through the manipulation of their minds, you would have achieved victory without having to raise a single finger. The $229.95 Mind Controlled UFO is one toy that could be used to keep your kid happy, thinking that he has the ability to be a telepath.

The Mind Controlled UFO will rely on your focused brain waves in order to be controlled remotely in its flight. Each purchase would arrive with a headband as well as earlobe clip that will measure the amount of electrical activity that is produced by your brain, working in pretty much the same way as that of EEG monitoring technology which is used by medical professionals. As for the “remote control” itself, it comes in the form of a downloaded app which will transform your iPhone or Android device into a remote control, where it pairs up with the Mind Controlled UFO via Bluetooth connectivity. Jedi Master or telepath, take your pick!

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