Kinetic Light Newton’s Cradle adds a new twist to an old classic


kinetic-light-newtons-cradleWhen I was a kid, there was a number of kinetic sculptures that always caught my attention at shopping malls, and one of the classic ones was the kinetic ball cradle where one ball would send forth energy from one end to the other, using perpetual motion to go tick-tock tick-tock for what seemed to be forever (to a kid back then, anyways), eventually arriving at a stop because it loses a wee bit of momentum with each passing moment due to friction in the air. Well, the folks over at Thinkgeek have delivered a new twist to an old classic in the form of the $49.99 Kinetic Light Newton’s Cradle.

This is a futuristic take on classic desk accessory, where the Kinetic Light Newton’s Cradle would feature bright, multicolor LEDs in each glass sphere. I would assume that if you enjoy a tipple or two after office hours while still at your cubicle, the Kinetic Light Newton’s Cradle would end up with an even more hypnotic value to you and your like minded colleagues. The lights will react based on their position, and you will need to see it or believe it. There is also the option to be more zen, as you set the LEDs to a single color, while watching the light fade as they swing back and forth.

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