Scoreboard Lights Air Hockey Table adds more fun to your living room


scoreboard-lights-air-hockeyThe modern day office should not be seen to be some place which is extremely boring. No sir, it has to be spruced up, and the boss or directors would be better off hiring someone who has had experience working in a fun environment such as at one of those Internet startups with a billionaire who has nary a white hair on his head helming the company. Well, a game (or two) of Air Hockey might just help you alleviate some stress on the spot, which is why the $699.95 Scoreboard Lights Air Hockey Table does seem to be a viable purchase for any office that wants to offer a decent stress relieving tool alternative compared to the foosball or pool table.

The Scoreboard Lights Air Hockey Table would arrive with an illuminated rail, where it depicts just who is ahead between the two, while offering a “home court” incentive to any player in the lead. As long as the score remains tied, the embedded LEDs in the rail will remain white, but whenever the blue or red player pulls ahead, matching LEDs will blink in the leader’s color – at least until the trailing player catches up. The electronic scoreboard and timekeeper will run on XXXX batteries, and if you place your order now, it should be able to arrive before Christmas.

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