Korus V600 Wireless Speaker – The Power to Rock the House


I had the pleasure of meeting the guys from Korus at CES Unveiled here in NYC just last week, and they gave me the opportunity to audition their new Korus V600 speaker. This handsome, highly portable speaker utilizes SKAA technology. Forget wireless, Airplay or bluetooth, with SKAA, you can connect up to 4 speakers from one device, and because it has long range and multi-point capabilities, you can have up to four speakers located in different rooms, all playing audio from one device.

This gorgeous sound machine does away with pairing nightmares as well. When these guys say plug and play, they really mean it. The Korus V600 uses small, mobile-friendly, wireless transmitters connected to your devices, paired with a speaker that starts playing your music after pressing just one button, and the range is phenomenal, indoors we’re talking up to 65 feet, and if you’re outdoors and unobstructed, a BBQ-rocking 200 feet.

These babies are designed to delight you, pumping out clear vocals from the front, with instruments clearly coming in from behind, with some strong side firing tweeters for a nicely expanded soundstage, almost anywhere you want one. ( and no lag, clicking or popping, anywhere) The Korus V600 fills your whole room with  3-dimensional TRUE direct and reflecting sound thats on par with much more expensive speakers, (and you know who I’m talking about) and you get to take this party with you. Grab it by its built in handle, and simply switch to battery power to use it outside, or wherever it is that you can’t plug in.

The Korus wireless transmitters (called batons) are available for Apple’s 30-pin and Lightening devices, USB for both Mac and PC, with the micro-USB for Android, and other wireless transmitters, are coming soon. So if you’re looking for the perfect holiday gift, you can certainly get your groove on with Korus. Check out the V600, on its own for under 400 bucks at korussound.com, or get the all-in-one package for $449, which includes all three Korus batons and two charging cables (a $140 value).  Watch for a review of the add on, (or stand alone) V400 coming soon…