94Fifty Smart Sensor Basketball – a Coach in your Pocket!


Infomotion Sports Technologies was on hand at CES Unveiled here in NYC this week and they wowed me with their 94Fifty Smart Sensor Basketball. It’s a pretty regular-looking regulation size and weight basketball, that can measure and diagnose your skills, helping you up your game, just like a tiny coach you can carry around in your pocket. Yup, a basketball coach for your iPhone – there’s an app for that! 

This nifty, unassuming ball utilizes nine sensors located inside it, enabling it to deliver real-time shooting and ball-handling feedback including shot speed, backspin and arc measurements, and it sends all that useful info directly to your iPhone or iPod touch. The 94Fifty includes a companion app, that allows you to choose specific skills to work on, opt to compete with other players around the world via Twitter, or simply work through levels of increasingly difficult workouts.

Imagine a ball that can precisely measure your skill set, and then quickly utilize that data in order to “coach” you with proven, personalized methods meant to improve shooting mechanics, shot release speed, shooting arc, power dribbling, hand-speed, mental coordination, and many other skills that have been traditionally impossible to measure.

The 94Fifty App is optimized for iOS 7, gives you the ability to share your achievements with friends, family and coaches via your social media networks, and is available now for just under 300 bucks, and if you have a budding basketball star in your family, this might just be the holiday gift you’ve been looking for! Look for it today at Apple Retail Stores and online at shop.94fifty.com. The App is available for free from the App Store or visit infomotionsports.com for videos and much more information.