Authentic Morgan Three-Wheeler lets you zoom about in style

morgan-3-wheelerSome of us have the dream of driving around in a supercar to impress the ladies, but others prefer something in a far more classical manner. If you happen to fall into the latter category, you would also need to be pretty flush as classic cars can be pretty difficult to maintain. Assuming you have $59,000 lying around somewhere that is begging to be spent, then the Authentic Morgan Three-Wheeler does sound like the perfect candidate to cause an instant vacuum in your bank account. This is an authentic Authentic Morgan Three-Wheeler that has been manufactured by Morgan Motor Company in Malvern Link, England, which is also the birthplace of the original in 1909.

It happens to be a modern manifestation of motoring’s halcyon days, being a rear-wheel drive vehicle that will seat its driver and passenger within an aerodynamic aluminum “bullet” hull alongside a padded leather aircraft-style cockpit. It will run on a 2.0 liter, 80-hp S&S V-twin engine that is capable of hitting the 0-60 mph mark in a matter of 4.5 seconds, now how about that? The top speed, however, stands at 115 mph so you can forget about covering plenty of distance within the shortest time possible. Your ears, however, will be thrilled by the classic growl of a bygone era without having to experience the temperamental performance of cars from a similar period. Should you want to pick the Authentic Morgan Three-Wheeler up, it will arrive in a choice of eight colors and two leather styles.