LumaGlo Freedom Lighting lets you light up your home unlike ever before


lumagloHome lighting solutions have become a whole lot more power efficient these days, especially when we are all moving towards a greener environment. Hence, it is far from surprising to hear about the LumaGlo Freedom Lighting, where this particular LED lighting strip system comes across as a fully customizable workaround, as it provides users with the freedom to choose the length, color, pattern, intensity, and even the power source, with the central controls hailing from an iPhone or Android device.

The LumaGlo Freedom Lighting is a Bluetooth-enabled, LED strip controller which will hook up sans wires to your smartphone, letting you have total and full control over your home lighting system. You will be able to turn it on, turn the lights off, and even opt to set timers so that you will arrive home to a well lit abode at the right time. With up to 16 million colors to choose from, you will be spoilt for choice, although chances are pretty high that not everyone will be able to tell the difference in color when they’re so close together on the same scale. Each LED is individually addressable, letting one pick dynamic patterns and color combinations.

Since there are already so many ways to make choices, the LumaGlo Freedom Lighting arrives in a variety of lengths that include 1 foot, 2 feet and 5 feet, and all of them can be linked together up to 10 feet. There is a drawback to the system though if you are on the lookout for greater lengths, as it comes at the expense of reduced brightness.

Just how will LED lighting strips come in handy? Well, for starters, they offer users the ability to illuminate spaces in ways which would never be achieved in the past using the standard issue light bulb. Heck, there is also a modular power option for those who are always on the move. Some other practical uses of LumaGlo in everyday situations include increasing visibility, to be seen in clubs or at raves, to decorate a skateboard or bike, or even used at events or ceremonies.

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james Says: November 12, 2013 at 3:02 pm

SCAM. These have been around for years. These hicks want money for rebranding chinese LED’s – the bluetooth apps even exist and are free. I sense a lawsuit in the future.

Brent Says: November 12, 2013 at 4:02 pm

How many Lumen does it emit? wattage per foot?

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