Q Card Wallet Case offers additional protection for the Samsung Galaxy S4


qcard-wallet-caseWe have heard whispers going around that Samsung is already working on a next generation flagship device which will be part of the Samsung Galaxy family, where it will continue from where the Samsung Galaxy S4 left off. Assuming you are one of the latecomers to the smartphone scene and have just picked a Galaxy S4 for yourself, it would bode you (and your freshly minted device) well to purchase some sort of protective case for it, too. Assuming you have gone through the entire lot during your window shopping period and did not find anything suitable, how about checking out the $39.99 Q Card Wallet Case?

Sometimes, less is more, and with the Q Card Wallet Case, it is said to be stylish despite being extremely simple. This is a premium soft-touch pocket case for the Samsung Galaxy S4, where it will also be able to hold up to a trio of cards in addition to cash. Not only that, it will come with a lay-flat screen guard and Natural Throw buttons, making it like you very own wallet, now how about that? The soft-touch finish ensures that the case can be easily pulled out of your pocket. If you are a huge fan of music, then the inclusion of Direct Channel Audio will help amplify music and audio forward.

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