Shark Bait Sleeping Bag adds a splash of color to your child’s bedroom


shark-bait-sleeping-bagIt can get pretty difficult or challenging for a parent to get their little ones to bed at night, especially when they are extremely excited and have way too much energy to burn. Perhaps a wee bit of enticement might be in the pipeline? This is what the $99.95 Shark Bait Sleeping Bag is all about – it will devour your kids, but not in a bad way. In fact, it will ensure that your kids get swallowed whole into the realm of sleep, leaving you and your spouse with more than enough “together” time, especially after a particularly grueling day at work.

The Shark Bait Sleeping Bag is ideal to deliver a cozy repose for adventurous children, as the shark’s body itself is not made out of flesh and bone, but rather, consists of a plush 65% polyester/35% cotton blend that is filled with polyester fiber. To make sure that there is enough ventilation even when your precious one is being “digested” by the shark at night, it will be decoratd with gill slits. Other things that make it all the more realistic would be the inclusion of playful eyes and jaws that look extremely inviting. The shark’s dorsal fin can be used as a pillow too, now how about that? Each purchase would come with its own storage bag for that added touch of convenience.

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