Smartphone Helicopter comes in handy when you’ve no more games to play


rc-copterphoneThe smartphone these days come with a fair amount of apps, so much so that the phrase “There’s an app for that” has become a standard clarion call in the industry, especially among developers who hope to strike it big with the next smartphone app. Well, apart from games, there is also another potential market that might be worth exploring, and that would be using the smartphone as a remote control to get some unique hardware “gaming” time in. I am referring to the $59.99 Smartphone Helicopter in this particular case.

For those who have had the experience in the past, flying a toy helicopter might not be the easiest thing to do, and the “returns” in terms of flying time are more or less diminishing. After all, you charge the toy’s battery for a few hours only to be granted a few minutes’ worth of flying time. The Smartphone Helicopter will not be any different here, but instead of a dedicated physical controller, you will instead use your smartphone with the free app to get it going. The Smartphone Helicopter will pair up with your smartphone via Bluetooth, and you’re good to go. It will play nice with all iPhone and iPad models, Android smartphones and tablets and Bluetooth-enabled iPod models.

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