iPlay Piano will let you get a feel for the ivories


iPlay Piano
Playing an instrument always seems so appealing until you actually start practicing. You can’t just go from beginner to professional in one day, or one year for that matter. It takes a lot of learning, messing up, and try, try again mentality. Getting a teacher is pretty expensive, and thankfully we now have YouTube, where there are tutorials galore. However, getting your hands on a beginner instrument can be expensive. If you’re wanting to play piano, you also have to worry about it taking up a lot of space.

The time, money, and space sink it requires might be a bit daunting to first-timers. Of course, if you’re just wanting to get a feel for it and make some tunes, then something like the iPlay Piano might be a better purchase. While it is flat, you’ll be able to learn which keys mean what, and how to piece things together. It pairs up with an app on iOS, where you can learn to play along with songs.

This has no texture, and won’t give you the same tactile feedback that a real piano would, but it is a starting place. It folds up, which means you can pack it and practice anywhere. While it promotes that it will help strengthen your fingers, I would think it’s more of helping you learn the muscle memory of playing as you’re not actually pressing anything down. This will cost you around $70, and would be perfect for those who have to write a song the moment the inspiration strikes them.

Available for purchase on dreamcheeky

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