Addalock gives you some security in seedy places


Life has a very interesting way of putting you in some uncomfortable situations. Going on a fun trip at what you think is a neat resort turns out to be a seedy motel near a water park. While we can always make the best of a bad situation, sometimes it’s nice to have a little extra security. Even if you’re not at a roach motel, should your door not have the ability to lock, you’re not exactly going to get a peaceful night of sleep.

Yes there is an extra lock for just such an occasion, but sometimes that’s not enough. This is where Addalock would be rather useful. It’s a little travel lock that will install in seconds with no need for additional tools. This will work on any door that has hinges and opens inward, which is usually the case.

While it’s not the best security measure, it will give you a bit more protection against a nosy passersby. Even though it’s meant for hotels, it has a variety of uses outside of commercial spaces as well. College dorms that have very little privacy to begin with will give you a tad  more peace of mind with one of these. Staying with friends who like having an open door policy can also be a bit unnerving, and something like this would help you get a decent night of sleep. Seeing that it’s only $20, I’d say this grab-and-go item would be perfect for anyone who likes having a little extra guard during the night.

Available on Amazon, found via thisiswhyimbroke

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