Frantically Moving Eyeball Shirt – Look Out for It!



It’s that time of year already! There is a chill in the air, the leaves are in varying shades of yellow to orange and the kids are discussing costumes and candy. I like to have a little Halloween spirit, not over-the-top full makeup and special effects kind of spirit, but maybe a hat or t-shirt that adds to the festivities and fun, and the folks over at digital dudz have just the kind of thing I was looking for.

Check out the Frantically Moving Eyeball Shirt. This nasty looking  guy’s frantic eye movements peeking out of the front of your 100% cotton t-shirt will creep out even the most hard core gore fan. Your t-shirt is even machine washable because the effect is produced by the proper positioning of almost any mobile device including an iTouch, iPhone, Samsung Galaxy S3 and even a Galaxy Note 2.

Inside the shirt is a simple velcro pocket that is 3.75” wide x 6.1” and holds your mobile device in just the right place for the associated app to bring your ghoulish t-shirt to life. Sadistically creepy and totally awesome, you will be the star of your next Halloween shindig with little effort on your part. Available in sizes S-XXL and in various designs including ghouls and clowns or beating hearts and throbbing chest wounds, this bit of wearable tech will get you many a Halloween high five. Don’t miss the video HERE.

The Frantically Moving Eyeball shirt is available at for under 30 bucks. Trick or treat!

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