FiLIP keeps track of your children


Children are curious. They want to be everywhere and see everything all at once. This means their attention span is short, and they can get into some serious trouble fairly quickly. While it is the parent’s job to keep them in check, this isn’t an 8-hour gig that you can clock out from at the end of the day. They’re mentally exhausting with endless questions and physically tiring too with potentially hazardous exploration that you need to pull them away from.

Needless to say, taking them into an open space such as a park can be pretty terrifying. So much as a  three minute sit-down break while they play on the swing set could have them kidnapped, injured, or adventuring outside the park area. You can strive to be ever-vigilant, but it’s nice to have a little backup. The FiLIP watch may look like an average keeper of time to anyone else, but it’s actually a communication device that just so happens to have a GPS tracker nestled inside.

As this was made for children, it can take their rough-and-tumble play-style, as well as all of the sandy, muddy, and wet environments they like to tussle in. This pairs up with an app, and will let you have phone-to-watch communications with your little one. From this app, you can set up alerts for whenever they wander out of a safe zone, pick other contacts that your child can talk to, and send messages. This is aimed for kids from 4-11, and will be pairing up with AT&T, which likely means you’ll need to purchase coverage plans. This is far better than getting them an actual phone, as those are much easier to lose or break. The pricing isn’t available just yet, but this will be up for grabs in the coming months.

More information at FiLIP, found via engadget

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