FrankensteinLabs Einstein’s Brain Desk Lamp adds some gore to your desk


frankensteinlabs-einstein-brain-lampNow here is an interesting desk lamp that you might want to consider picking up to spruce up your workplace. If you happen to be a boss, then it would make you seem more intimidating, especially when your underlings start to whisper among one another that you literally eat people for breakfast. What kind of proof do they have against such an insinuation? Well, there is the $99.99 FrankensteinLabs Einstein’s Brain Desk Lamp that should put to bed all speculation that such a statement isn’t true.

The FrankensteinLabs Einstein’s Brain Desk Lamp works as it is called – it features a floating brain-in-a-jar desk lamp, making it the ideal gift for that science crazy person in your life. Each of these lamps will come across as a handmade device, which means you would literally be unable to find two of the same lamps, ever. The bulb that arrives with the lamp itself is red in color, but you will be able to switch it out to a color that you like so that it can convey a different feeling or mood to the room.

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