Are you as prepared for an emergency as this Multi-Function Flashlight?


Multi-Function Flashlight
Not knowing when something bad is going to happen can be sort of scary. Most people shrug this off as an aspect of life, and others are so paranoid about it that they can’t stand to be unprepared. While you can’t know when an emergency situation is going to strike, there’s a big difference between having a plan and overdoing it.

You don’t really need to carry a Zombie Survival Kit around in your car all the time, or the police are going to get suspicious. However, it’s not a bad plan to have some extra granola bars or water bottles in your bag, and maybe even this LED Flashlight Emergency Multi-Function Blade. It’s practical, cheap, and won’t be too much of an intrusion. This is something you could easily keep in your car or at your desk when things start to look like they’re taking a turn for the worse.

This has four bright white LEDs, a knife, straight blade, saw, scissors, hex head nut driver, Philips head screw driver, a serrated blade, and a nail file with a slot screw driver. It needs three AAA batteries to function, and is pocket-sized. It’ll only cost you $7, and could be useful to have around. It’s funny as this seems like a great idea, but anything that comes that cheap makes you wonder if it’s going to be as useful as you want it to be or not. You’ll be able to choose between a black or yellow detail with silver.

Multi-Function Flashlight tools

Available for purchase via Meritline

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