Easy-Macro Universal Smart Phone Lens Band lets you shoot more creatively

polarSo you think that your smartphone’s camera is pretty snazzy, and the only thing limiting you from taking even better photos are because of the hardware, and nothing to do with improving your skill? Assuming you take that line of thought and follow it all the way to the end, perhaps it is time to sit down and take stock of the situation. Times are hard, many countries are going through various austerity measures, so what happens when you feel that itch to upgrade your handset to a newer device simply because the more recent model has a better camera? Take a deep breath and do not make any harsh decisions. The $14.99 Easy-Macro Universal Smart Phone Lens Band might be able to give your smartphone photo-taking sessions a new breath of life, as it functions as a macro add-on lens for smartphones.

This would mean you can now use your current smartphone to snap remarkably detailed close-up pictures, and this particular design is so simple, you can slip it on or off in a jiffy. The amount of magnification stands at 4x, and it does seem to shape up to be worthy of hobbyist photographers and Instagram fanatics. Not only that, thanks to the relatively small form factor, you can stash it away in your wallet or purse without missing a beat.