Sidewalk Scribbling Scooter – start ‘em young artistically


sidewalk-scribblerI still remember when there was this particular craze of scooters that took off, and all the little kids as well as teens wanted a scooter of their own. As a young adult who had just joined the working world back then, I too, was extremely tempted to pick up one of these scooters myself. Well, the craze did die off somewhat, and there was the Heelys craze that took over after that, but I decided to give that a miss as it looked way too silly for me. Well, here is a scooter that you can purchase for your little one to have them take a stab at some fun when getting around, although there is an added twist to the $44.95 Sidewalk Scribbling Scooter.

The Sidewalk Scribbling Scooter happens to be a child’s scooter that sports integrated chalk holders, allowing the rider to actually create art on sidewalks as well as driveways. It has a patented “tilt to turn” steering system that is formed by its twin front wheels, delivering the necessary stability for young riders up to 45 lbs., whereas there is a single rear wheel that offers the relevant smooth gliding. A couple of coiled springs in the rear will be able to secure separate pieces of chalk which will mark the ground in twin streaks of color as long as the rider scoots over pavement, asphalt, or concrete. Do you think that this could be the stepping stone to vandalism?

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