iPhone / iPad Pocket Projector – Movie Theater, To Go


Everyone I know loves their iDevices, not all of them are simply Apple addicts, many of them just genuinely enjoy the whole iOS experience. I have to admit I do too, but I recognize some shortcomings that keep them from being truly excellent. I also have given some thought to what kind of accessories I would need to make the iPhone or iPad even more fun and useful.

One of those accessories might be the the iPhone/iPad Pocket Projector. Compact enough to fit in your purse or pocket the iPhone/iPad Pocket Projector projects your iPhone’s screen directly onto any flat surface from less than a foot away to as far as 10 feet, projecting an image that reaches up to 85” diagonal. I imagine pictures, movies and presentations… useful at work, and fun with the kids during their next sleepover.

The projector weighs in at less than 5 oz and is smaller than a smartphone. The iPhone/iPad Pocket Projector can turn your ceiling, tent, blank wall or even the side of your house into a movie theater. The projector’s 640 x 480 pixel resolution ensures a nice picture and a manual focus wheel enables you to “dial up” sharpness and clarity, your iDevice’s speakers control the sound though, so extra speakers might need to be on the menu as well.

You can also download a free app, which will then enable you to magnify or rotate images and project everything from YouTube videos to a 4 hour search for the perfect prom dress. The internal lithium-polymer battery provides two hours of projection and recharges via USB with the included cable. Compatible with most iPhones/iPads, except the iPhone 5, the new iPad with Retina Display and the iPad Mini. Get yours for under 300 bucks at amazon.com