Retro Adding Machine Calculator and Mousepad converges frequently used tools


retro-adding-machineA blast from the past is always welcome, whether it is in the world of gaming or fashion. We have seen fashion cycles come and go, and return sometime down the road, and games as well have progressed from an 8-bit environment to a modern day 3D graphical extravaganza. The calculator is an indispensable desk tool to have in certain lines of work, no matter how fast computers and complex programs have become. You still need a regular human trained in the arts of accurate calculator punching to consolidate a bunch of accounts without any error. Well, the latest $9.99 Retro Adding Machine Calculator and Mousepad is certainly something that rolls back the years, and yet it gets the job done somewhat elegantly.

The Retro Adding Machine Calculator and Mousepad does not merely add, subtract, multiply and divide, it would also come with a secondary function – that is, to function as a mousepad so that your precious new mouse’s Teflon-coated feet need not glide over a rough grained wooden table, but rather it would function as the manufacturer intended it to – as smooth as glass. Apart from that, it also shares one aspect with Kal-El – it is solar powered, which means you need not rely on batteries to get the job done. Of course, just in case the world is thrown into a nuclear apocalypse where the sun is blotted out, the non-replaceable button cell battery ought to keep it going, at least for a while.

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