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Kinesis Freestyle2 keyboard

There are only a few things we really need to use our computer. Obviously a monitor is necessary, but the main tools we use are a mouse and keyboard. They are our direct link to all the things we see on the screen, and we use them quite a bit. That being said, it’s always better if they’re ergonomic so we don’t end up with sore joints later on. While there are many different shapes of mice and wrist rests out there, both have a sort of static layout. Seeing that people are not all structured the same, some may need a bit of a different setup.

The Kinesis Freestyle2 Adjustable Split Keyboard will let you set up your work or home office space in whatever way feels most comfortable to you. This is a very thin keyboard with no slope so your wrists won’t be slanted at an odd angle as you type. There are hotkeys for copy, paste, cut, and more so you won’t have to mouse around or type repetitively. There is a tether that will allow you to separate both halves as you see fit, but it can hook together if you’d like.

You can choose to get a model with either 9 or 20 inches of distance apart, but the latter will cost you an extra $16. The basic keyboard will cost you $89, and you can choose to get various accessories that will allow you to tent and/or angle the two halves. These will cost an additional $22-179 if you’re up for it. One additional piece of of hardware that you’ll likely want is the numeric keypad, but it costs around $36. This would be a good option for people who have or have had wrist, shoulder, or other arm-related joint issues.

The Kinesis Freestyle2 is available from The Human Solution.

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