LG Smart Hom-Bot Square vacuum cleaner unveiled at IFA 2013

lg-hombotWe have seen how the vacuum cleaner industry has certainly changed a whole lot – from the usual R2-D2 type design to a lighter, handheld version with a built-in rechargeable battery so that you can reach those hard-to-reach places without being limited by the length of the power cord. Of course, there is also the robotic vacuum cleaner that claims to be able to clean up the floor of your home without requiring your presence, returning to its base for a recharge as it starts to run low on battery power. LG intends to make new headway in the robotic vacuum cleaner industry with the introduction of the LG Smart Hom-Bot Square vacuum cleaner which will be unveiled at IFA 2013 later this week.

This square robotic vacuum cleaner is said to deliver a significant boost in cleaning performance, courtesy of LG’s impressive Corner Master. Apart from that, this puppy will also come with LG’s innovative smart technologies that include Smart Control, Cleaning History, Smart Diagnosis and Software Update, which would then enable the user to remotely control the Smart Hom-Bot Square using a smartphone alone.

As mentioned, the Corner Master found in this particular vacuum cleaner comes with a couple of long brushes, which boasts of corner detecting sensors that will work in tandem with the cleaner’s unique shape. It has an angular form factor and will be accompanied by redesigned brushes which measure 1.5cm longer compared to its predecessor, allowing the Smart Hom-Bot Square to remove dust and dirt even from the tightest of corners.

Most robotic cleaners will make use of a solitary camera, but the advanced Hom-Bot Square doubles that figure with a pair of improved Dual Eye 2.0 cameras so that you and your household get to enjoy smarter, faster and a more efficient cleaning performance. It is capable of snapping several images per second, with the upper and lower cameras scanning ceilings, walls and floors, even under low light or dark conditions. All of that information will be compiled and generated into a smart map. Apart from that, multiple sensors are capable of detecting obstacles within a 180 degree field, remembering their locations for collision-free operation. This sure as heck sounds like something every home should own, don’t you think so?

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