Children’s Electric Ride On Chopper lets your little one imitate you


child-chopperSo, you happen to own a large Harley Davidson that simply purrs each time you kick it into life? Well, guess what – your little one wants to emulate you, too, and while it will be a fair number of years before he or she is old enough to obtain a motorcycle license and have the kind of height and physical stature to ride on such an imposing machine, you can always stoke their interest early on with the likes of the $169.95 Children’s Electric Ride On Chopper.

The Children’s Electric Ride On Chopper, as its name suggests, happens to be a ride-on motorized chopper which will carry children in chrome-trimmed and red-flame accented opulence, where they are able to ride at maximum speeds of up to 1.2 mph. Sure, it is not going to beat any land speed records anytime soon, but when you are that young and dad is your superhero, it might as well feel as though you’re zipping by at 100 mph. The Children’s Electric Ride On Chopper is capable of supporting a single rider up to 44 lbs. in a low-slung seat, complete with a backrest, as its 6-volt electric motor will get to work, ensuring the chopper is capable of handling smooth terrain such as sidewalks, patios, or driveways. There are foot switches located on either side of the detailed engine block that will be able to control forward and backward movement, while steering is handled via the elongated front fork’s handlebars. Heck, even the headlight and signal lights work for safety reasons, and it takes up to 10 hours to fully juice this puppy up for a 2 hour ride.

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