Swiss Musical Starship: Do not apply if you don’t have a healthy bank account


swiss-musical-starshipWhen one talks about a music box, what picture comes into your mind? Most of us would think of a family heirloom, with more often than not a porcelain ballerina being mounted right smack in the middle. Sometimes, there is a mirror on the part where you pop open the cover, where it is the perfect fodder for a horror movie setting. I guess it is time to ditch all conventional thinking about the traditional music box, and focus on the Swiss Musical Starship instead.

It will not cost a couple of hundred or thousand dollars, but rather, it will burn a whopping $31,500 from your pockets. If there is an impulse purchase that you should avoid, this is definitely one of them. It would be even worse if your missus finds out that you told her about it only after you have parted with your retirement fund for it. Still, there might be a small chance of redeeming yourself and not having to sleep in the living room permanently – by convincing her that the Swiss Musical Starship will come crafted in Sainte-Croix, Switzerland by renowned horologists Reuge, where it will play 35-second excerpts from the Star Wars theme, the Imperial March, and the Star Trek theme in layers of rich sound. There is a nickel-plated brass cylinder that has been treated with resin for sonic clarity, rotating via a precise Cartel 4.144 movement, sporting wire pins that are plucked by a 72-note tempered-steel comb in perfect time. If you want one by Christmas (talk about an opulent gift!), you will have to place an order by December 15th.

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