Animated Musical Santa’s Workshop brings home the Yuletide feeling


santas-workshopI know that Christmas is still a few months away, and before that there is Halloween for the masses to celebrate, but how about following the Boy Scouts’ motto, “Be Prepared”? After all, you can never prepare too early for a particular situation, and it is always better than trying to figure something out at the last minute. For those who love all things about Christmas, here is the $119.95 Animated Musical Santa’s Workshop that might just usher in the Christmas-sy feeling even if there is not a single snowflake in sight anytime soon.

The Animated Musical Santa’s Workshop shows off how Santa, despite being hard at work in his toy workshop, still has a rotund figure that does not seem to get smaller anytime soon. Perhaps Santa himself needs a gym membership as his Christmas gift this year, don’t you think so? Imagine Santa looking all lean and mean, now that would also make it easier for him to slip down. Each Animated Musical Santa’s Workshop is unique as it is delicately hand-sculpted, cast in resin, and painted in rich colorful detail, sporting a pair of children and their dog that remain standing in a mesmerized manner right outside of Santa’s corner shop, complete with mittened hands pressed against the decorated glass. A simple twist of a knob will turn on the LEDs and eight Christmas songs, where the entire shebang would be powered by a trio of elves cycling inside to run a dynamo. I jest, three AAA batteries would get the job done.

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