iPhone Storage Case – No Purse? No Problem


I never carry a purse. I hate them. I can never fondle all the things I want to touch while shopping. It doesn’t leave my hands free to talk on the phone or carry packages, and worst of all, there’s always the threat of leaving it somewhere. (and yes… that has happened to me) I’m pretty much a shove the phone and a credit card in my pocket kind of a girl, not the most appropriate way of doing things either…

Welcome the iPhone Storage Case, saving people like me, from lost keys, cash and credit cards one phone at a time. This unique and stylish little case comes with a hidden storage compartment for your cards and ID. Made of high quality polycarbonate with a nifty rubber coating that gives it a nice matte finish as well as a non-slip grip the iPhone storage case has a hinged backplate that opens up enough space for at least three credit-sized cars and some cash.

The iPhone Storage case allows your iPhone to slide right in, fastens securely and still allows easy access to all your phones important controls. With cases for both the iPhone 4/4S and the 5, the iPhone Storage Case comes in a wide variety of colors including chartreuse, black, orange, pink, purple, red or turquoise and even includes a little mirror, all for under 25 bucks. How can you go wrong? Get one today from our friends at amazon.com and leave your handbag behind.