ROCCAT Studios announces optical Kone Pure gaming mouse


For those who have been in the PC gaming scene for more than a decade already, you would know that when it comes to high end gaming peripherals, serious gamers basically do not compromise with the kind of equipment that they use. Some of them have their preferred brand that they would stick with, and that is perfectly normal. ROCCAT Studios is one of the big league names, where this Hamburg-based manufacturer of competition gaming peripherals has just announced the immediate availability of the optical version of its award-winning Kone Pure gaming mouse.

Yes sir, at long last, this latest addition to the ROCCAT Studios gaming mice family would mean there is a Kone Pure available regardless of your preference – if you want the maxed out DPI of a laser mouse, there is something for you, whle others who prefer the unique feel of an optical sensor gliding over their mousepad, will also have something to smile about. The Kone Pure Optical is said to merge the design innovations and ergonomic shape of original Kone Pure, measuring roughly 91% the size of the Kone, while boasting of an ultra-accurate, cutting-edge Pro-Optic optical sensor.

Not only that, the Kone Pure optical gaming mouse will also come equipped with high-quality Omron switches, in addition to ROCCAT innovations such as Easy-Shift[+], Easy-Aim, and ROCCAT Talk, and a high-end sensor that has an adjustable DPI of up to true 4,000 DPI.

ROCCAT founder and CEO René Korte said, “The new sensor featured in the Kone Pure Optical is the successor to the sensor featured in the famous Savu mouse. The Savu drew praise from gamers and reviewers alike, who complimented the mouse for its accurate and reliable tracking. Building on this success, the Kone Pure Optical has a new and more powerful MCU, which features more memory, and two new native DPI steps.” The new Kone Pure Optical gaming mouse can be yours for $69.99 a pop.

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Mike Says: August 26, 2013 at 4:20 am

Do you have any idea how many companies say they’re mouse is the best? I am a old time gamer and have at least 8 different mice in the drawer.some the add on buttons are so awkward to use I tossed it in the drawer. If you people would talk to consumers for idea’s you may come out with the best but Companies don’t do it. I am very leary about (gaming mice ) talk to the consume and see what they want in there gaming mouse.

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