AOC E1659FWU 16” monitor announced

I am quite sure that many of you out there have heard of the name AOC before – they have been rolling out pretty affordable displays without compromising on quality in the past, and look set to continue even now. In fact, AOC has just announced a spanking new 16” monitor that they call the AOC E1659FWU, where all it takes is a solitary USB 3.0 cable that handles both power and signal needs. You can hook up the AOC E1659FWU monitor in a jiffy, regardless of whether it is connected to a notebook or desktop, it still offers a quick, simple solution for dual monitor setups, and is said to be able to increase one’s productivity by up to 50%. Hmmm, I am quite sure that such a productivity increase would have caused your superior to sit up and take notice?

Thanks to DisplayLink technology, the AOC E1659FWU monitor offers the convenience of portability, where one is able to benefit from additional viewing real estate thanks to a second display, be it at home or at the office, at meetings or in hotel rooms. The monitor itself can be used just about anywhere, ranging from coffee shops to trains, with the added advantage of not having to tote around a large and heavy AC adapters with its corresponding power plugs.

Expect the AOC E1659FWU to play nice with both Mac and PC platforms, where your eyes will be treated to a 15.6” viewing window which supports resolutions of up to 1366 × 768 pixels at 60Hz a pop. This slim piano black, highly portable monitor will measure nearly 13mm thinner compared to its predecessor, where you are able to convert from landscape to portrait view in a jiffy, thanks to its secure, foldable metallic stand. The AOC E1659FWU itself will arrive with its very own monitor carry case, and it is set to ship next month although you can place a pre-order for it at $139 a pop.

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  1. I would presume that the AOC monitor could also be used with one of the UMPC computers if the have the right ports? Am I correct in this?

    Also, will it come in a 14″ size.

    Thank you,


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