Kickstand portable projector sports an integrated kickstand

The folks over at bēm wireless might be on to something new, as they deliver a new idea which is currently being incubated over at Kickstarter. I am referring to the Kickstand portable projector which will come with its very own integrated kickstand, allowing it to showcase a large image from a tiny package. This is one revolutionary, foldable product which is easy to carry around, allowing those who live out of a suitcase to simply toss it into a briefcase before leaving the hotel room for the next business meeting. Heck, families too, are not left out of this, as it can be set up to be an instant home theater in the blink of an eye.

Bryan Katzel, Director of Marketing and Development for bēm, said, “We’re very excited to show our consumers the Kickstand. There’s absolutely nothing like it on the market. We’ve integrated incredible technology into a beautifully designed form factor. This projector can take a tiny image from your smartphone, iPad or USB drive, and project it up to 90 inches across in high-definition (720p)- even on the ceiling. That’s huge!”

The Kickstand will feature a unique patented mobile design that comes complete with an anodized aluminum frame, in addition to bēm’s signature soft touch finish. Apart from that, you will find a hideaway directional swivel which would pave the way for an easy setup, and it can easily be folded back up for storage. There is also an assimilated remote control that doubles up as a lens cover to deliver the added convenience and functionality.

The integrated kickstand is what inspired the name, where it will go about to prop up the projector using a vertical orientation, allowing you to project images on the wall, or perhaps even the ceiling if you so desire. The Kickstand would come with a WXGA 1280 X 800 resolution for higher widescreen resolution (720p). and if you set up the projector a single foot away from the wall, the image will measure 9” across. Should you decide to place it 10 feet away from the wall, you eyes will be treated to an image that is almost 96” across. Connectivity options include an HDMI port, USB port, and Auxiliary Audio Out for multiple connecting options. Expect the Kickstand to retail for $799.99 if it is ever realized, but if you decide to pledge early on Kickstarter, your faith will be justly rewarded.

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  1. $750 is rather pricey for a 400 lumens projector.
    The LG PA70G averages about $100 less than that and shoots 700 lumens 1080p.
    It doesn’t have a “kickstand” but is easily mounted on a tripod.

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