Soundfreaq Sound Step Recharge Lightning

Another day, another speaker dock is announced to the world, and this time around, we have the Soundfreaq Sound Step Recharge Lightning, which has been touted by many to be the company’s very first Lightning Speaker dock that will boast of Bluetooth connectivity, and not only that, it comes with an integrated 7 hour rechargeable battery. Not only that, this would also be the first Lightning speaker dock that will feature support for new Apple devices such as the iPhone 5 and iPad Mini, so you do not have to fret about this particular accessory ending up obsolete not even a year after it is released.

The Soundfreaq Sound Step Recharge Lightning is the next generation compact Lightning speaker with Bluetooth wireless versatility, but unfortunately, one would have to wait until later this August to be able to grab hold of one at $149.99 a pop. Here is a quick primer on what you are able to expect from the Sound Step Recharge Lightning – it comes across as a compact, low profile speaker which would pave the way for users to dock, charge and stream music sans wires from multiple devices, where among them include iPad, iPhone, Android and Blackberry.

Sound Step Lightning is capable of delivering crystal clear audio thanks to its signature sound profile, and it has been specially crafted for natural bass response and vocal clarity. Apart from that, it also boasts of a 2.1 speaker configuration with a dedicated sub-woofer, while Soundfreaq’s proprietary UQ3 spatial sound enhancement will be able to have it deliver natural bass and stereo separation, making it a truly unique feature where compact speakers are concerned.
Apart from that, Sound Step Recharge Lightning would also feature USB audio, so that users are able to charge and play any iPhone, iPod or iPad using the original 30-pin connector. The USB charging port itself would pave the way for any USB-chargeable gadget like a Blackberry, Android or Bluetooth headset to remain juiced up at all times.

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