LED Ladder Toss

All right, this is one for those who are not experiencing winter right now (sorry folks in the southern hemisphere!), where you get to have some good old fashioned family fun in the garden with the $49.99 LED Ladder Toss. This is an updated version of the classic outdoor family game, as it now comes with a twist as you can tell by the name of the device.

Each time you successfully manage to toss one of those red or blue bolas, they will be lit from within via glow sticks, and not only that, to add to the fun, each rung of the scoring ladder too will not miss out on the glowing action, thanks to the light emanating from energy efficient LED lights. Individual ladder rungs will be lit via a different color, where green is meant for the top scoring bar, blue for the middle one, and if you hit red, well at least that is better than nothing although it is the lowest scoring bar.

Each purchase will come with a couple of LED Ladders, three pairs of glow bolas accompanied by an equal number of glow sticks, and a carrying bag. The entire shebang requires a dozen AAA batteries to to run, so you might want to settle for rechargeable batteries in the long run.