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In this day and age, it is not surprising to hear of someone carrying a couple of smartphones around, not to mention a tablet and other kinds of different hardware. The thing is, when you get back home after a long and gruelling day outside, there must be a place where you can “park” all of your devices in an orderly manner, no? Some folks might just dump everything on a basket that is placed on the table, others could not care less and leave the devices still in the coat pockets, but for folks who happen to have a neat streak in them, a desk caddy might sound like a good idea. No, I am not referring to you hunting down one of them little pixies and asking her to be your personal caddy ala golf, but rather, the Station caddy which has been perfectly crafted and designed from bamboo, delivering a modern and minimalist design.

The Station caddy intends to be the focal point of any desk or countertop, where it will do its job by stashing away your most important day-to-day items while adding a dash of class and elegance. Needless to say, the Station does bring back with it the old school desk caddy look, although it has kept up with the times by throwing in a modern twist, enabling an additional space for you to proudly place your smartphone. This works even better if you so happen to have the kind of dough to drop for the likes of a Vertu handset, but otherwise, the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S4 would do just fine.

The Station caddy was carefully constructed in smooth bamboo to have enough space to house most of the modern day smartphones out there, including the hugely popular iPhone, the Samsung Galaxy series and other Android-powered devices. This makes it easier for you to change your phone without having to fork out more money for a new caddy. The Station’s asking price stands at $39.99 a pop, where shipping will commence in the middle of May onwards.

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