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David and Calvin Laituri are the founders of the new product brand known as Onehundred, and they have recently launched the Pucs project. Just what the heck is the Pucs project? Well, it is essentially some sort of ‘rechargeable ice’ that will not dilute your drinks with unwanted water, and this particular project has found its way to uber popular crowdsourcing site Kickstarter. Pucs has been machined from solid stainless steel, where it will be offered in sets of half a dozen, and will arrive in a solid Maple or Walnut case for that added touch of class. This would make the Pucs project ideal to see action in any drink, delivering the perfect chilling experience at all times.

If you are interested, the Pucs can be yours eventually – if you have placed a pre-order on Kickstarter, with the starting “investment” of $35. David Laituri, Founder of Onehundred, said, “We like to think of Pucs as ‘rechargeable ice’ – all the chilling benefits of a traditional ice cube without the added taste of that month-old fish at the bottom of your freezer or adding all the unwanted water at the end. With a strong commitment to sustainability, we bake a high level of environmental thoughtfulness into everything we create. Pucs was created by using sustainable sourced wood, renewable energy and local manufacturing.”

After all, I am quite sure that everyone out there has their favorite chilled drink, whether it contains any alcohol or not, but when it comes to making sure that they end up chilled with ice cubes, eventually, the ice cubes will melt, and whatever you have in your glass will be watered down. I guess this affects all your juices and hard liquor, but not if your favorite “poison” of choice would be mineral water.

Since the material that Pucs are made out of is stainless steel, it works as a gradual conductor, chilling steadily and evenly, where it will stay cool for quite a while. A room-temperature Puc will take the edge off of a mug of piping hot coffee for sure!

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