Ness – Tells You Where You Want to Eat, and Why

He says “So what are we going to do tonight?” “I dunno, let’s go eat.” she says. “Where should we go?” he asks. To which the reply is quite often “I cant think of anywhere, you decide.” Does that sound familiar? It seems like every weekend we end up in the same old place and to be honest, if I do stray from our old haunts its usually a disappointing experience. There have actually been times we didn’t go anywhere simply because we couldn’t come up with anything that sounded fun.

Well, I haven’t really tried it yet, but I’d like to introduce you to Ness, made exclusively for your iPhone or iPod touch, Ness will anticipate what your dining needs may be, and present you with elegant, swipeable recommendation cards that will summarize the information you need to quickly find a restaurant you will love.  Much better than a husband… it learns what you like, then picks a restaurant and tells you why you’ll like it!

The developers tell us, Ness adapts to your tastes to provide instant recommendations for you, not the crowd. So here’s an app that looks out for what you like, and even exactly when you might like it.  It can actually tell you a great place for brunch, or a great late night snack. So with a couple of swipes you can see a pic of the place, know about how much and how far and be on your way… or save the recommendation for later.

So, in the interest of marital bliss, I’m trying Ness out this weekend, and I may just find a couple of new places to relax with a good meal. I’ll let you know how it goes. Checkout Ness for yourself, its free and available at the app store.