PlayBrix let your little ones figure it out


Most of today’s kids would wonder how you actually kept yourself entertained back in the days when there was no Xbox 360 or PlayStation 3. Sure, some of us grew up in the generation when the Nintendo Entertainment System was the bee’s knees, but I am quite sure that plenty others lived through their respective childhoods while having plenty of fun even before the advent of “Pong”. There is nothing quite like exercising your imagination with just a cardboard box or the likes, and the $64.99 PlayBrix offers present day children the opportunity to do so.

Each purchase of the PlayBrix will include three sizes of blocks, where they are all touted to be made out of durable construction which should be able to last for years. It will definitely be a toy that your little one would want to share with the rest of his mates, as it help them job their imagination since they can be on a pirate ship, or perhaps re-enact a stagecoach hold-up, or perhaps they are well on their way to Hogwarts after boarding the train on platform 9 3/4. A total of 54 building blocks are in each set, consisting of 14 large, 10 medium and 30 small blocks.

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