Pivot Power Flexible Power Board


While I strongly hold on to the belief that all men are created equal, surely not all extension cords are equal. Case in point, the £29.99 Pivot Power Flexible Power Board. Most of the power extensions that we know of either come in a straight row with a long cable, or it is one of those roll-’em-up models, with just one outlet. Well, the Pivot Power Flexible Power Board works differently, as it is fully flexible and comes with half a dozen outlets, allowing you to maneuvre it into tight places, letting you fit a large plug in each outlet to boot. No longer do you need to worry about larger plugs that certain devices have not fitting in a row.

As for the cable of the Pivot Power Flexible Power Board, it measures a good 6 feet in length, and is accompanied by an easy off/reset button. You also need not fret about the safety of your devices, since it is accompanied by a surge protection of up to 672 joules. Measuring 44cm x 3cm x 7cm, the Pivot Power Flexible Power Board might just be the ideal purchase for the geek in your life who wants something unconventional.

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