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There are watches, and then there are watches. Depending on just which side of the divide you stand on, there are different timepieces to cater for numerous personalities that we have walk the planet each morning. Some folks cannot be bothered to wear a watch as they have their smartphone and tablet to keep watch of the time, while others feel that there is nothing quite like flicking your wrist to check out that designer timepiece that moves with Swiss precision. If you happen to have a penchant for the young-at-heart and zany designs, then the £9.99 Ticker Watch might just fit the bill perfectly.

Touted to be “virtually indestructible” just like Wolverine’s adamantium-infused skeleton (while working on the assumption that you do not actively try to destroy them), the Ticker Watch is a snap to use without having to struggle with complicated buttons or settings. Sporting a wide range of bold and colorful designs for you to choose from, the Ticker Watch is made from an innovative and virtually indestructible material. This digital timepiece will come in blue, green, yellow, leopard print, dotty and geometric designs, whichever floats your boat.

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