V-MODA announces Vamp Verza

I am quite sure that many of us out there already know about V-MODA, the designer of award-winning audio accessories for the masses, and this time around, their creative juices have resulted in the Vamp Verza as well as Metallo case. The former is what we will be concentrating on today actually, where the Vamp Verza has been specially developed to turn your smartphone into something that it was originally not meant to be – a mobile Hi-Fi system. You know that the Vamp Verza oozes with quality, where it is designed in Italy and made in Japan, and will continue from where the original Vamp for iPhone 4/4S left off, considering how it features an integrated 150mW x 2 headphone amplifier, a pair of DAC (Digital-to-Analog Converters) and a 2200mAh battery pack. Not only that, Vamp Verza also boasts of the patent-pending Verzadock which is seamlessly integrated with popular smartphone and tablets.

You will be able to use the Vamp Verza as a standalone Hi-Fi USB Audio amplifier, or assuming you fall under the mobile audiophiles category, you can opt to dock it with the machined Metallo case that was specially built for the Samsung Galaxy S3. Make no mistake about it, there will be cases developed in the future for the Samsung Galaxy S4, Note 2 and iPhone 5, and these are set to roll out in the coming months. The Metallo case will slide and lock onto Verza’s high-performance audio engine thanks to the Verzadock rail mechanism which was designed for optimal precision and tactility. Of course, there is also the flexibility of using the case independently thanks to the included back cover, as this comes in handy whenever portability trumps function at a particular moment.

The Vamp Verza’s dedicated DACs are capable of extracting pure digital output from your computer, Android, or iOS device thanks to the USB/micro-USB, converting it into analog form for the purest mobile audio listening experience. In addition, the 2200 mAh lithium-ion battery also doubles up as a backup power source for just about any USB powered device, and it should be enough to nearly double the majority of smartphone batteries out there. Needless to say, this means the Vamp Verza is not going to come cheap at $598 a pop, where it will be globally available in Matte Black, Shadow (Red and Brushed Black Metal) and White with Orange accents.

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