A Munchie Maker’s Friend

If entertaining or contributing food to a gathering, you want to make the food look appealing.  Walk through any potluck type buffet and you can see which dishes won’t get eaten. It’s all in the look of the food right? Hhhmmm, dicey looking dip…no thanks. Sandwiches where you can’t see the contents…not taking the risk. The quest for any chef becomes how to make mass amounts while still making it look as good as possible.

If this dilemma is not new then you should check out the Stackable Appetizer Maker, $19.95 on Broadway Panhandler. This four piece, plastic set enables you to turn out consistent-looking snacks quickly. Insert the “Cut & Carry Base” into the U-shaped main holder. Put your layers in one at a time – using the tamper to press layers down as you go. Fill the main holder as little or as much as you choose. Then use your knife or the serrated slicing device included and the notches in the main holder to cut your creation into perfectly portioned stacks. No guest will want to resist such professional looking munchies when done. Check the video below to see it in action. Need inspiratoin? A book of applicable recipes comes with the 4-piece set. If mass production of munchies falls under your duties let the Stackable Appetizer Maker assist.