EU Watches help you tell the time in style


I know that with the advent of smartphones and tablets, not many people bother to buy a watch anymore to tell the time. Most of the time, the devices that we use, as well as computers that we sit in front of, will have a clock program built-in so that you know whether it is time to punch out and head home, or to take a break for lunch. Having said that, the luxury watch market is not affected by this phenomenon, but ordinary watches? It will take far more than just a pretty face to capture the attention of potential buyers. Watches need to offer more than just to tell the time, which is why the £24.99 Eu Watch does make plenty of sense, coming in a variety of colors such as black, blue, Funky Black/Red Face, Funky Blue/Red Face and purple.

The Eu Watches were inspired by the building blocks of our childhood (and adulthood too, some say), where this oddly euro-centrically named EU Watches will feature a beautiful, blocky design that arrives in different and bold color combinations. Apart from sporting all the digital bells and whistles that one might expect from a modern-day digital watch, they are also highly durable and will not cause your biceps to bulge when you wear it. This unisex timepiece will come with functions such as Day/Date, an alarm, a stopwatch and of course, the all important backlight.

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