A Virtual Archer’s Dream

Games become more virtual by the day, wouldn’t you agree? Every gaming system and game designer is out to get users more immersed in the entire experience. And yet how much time do we spend gaming on phones – which will never be able to fully immerse us. Or will they?

Bow Active Gaming wants to change our smartphone game-playing experience. Their BowBlade device, recently shown at MacWorld, proves to revolutionize iOS and Android games. Over 35 apps currently involve target shooting or sniper based themes that are enabled with BowBlade – a life sized replication of a bow.  Simply pop your phone into the holder and use this archery accessory to really simulate the process of shooting a bow. Set your game up, rotate the bow to move direction – just as you would with your phone in your hands. Then pull the trigger at your finger to fire a arrow (ok, it is actually a stylus tip) onto your screen.   Construction enables a true taught feel when drawing the bow too, so you will feel like Robin Hood or Katniss or your favorite arching character. That’s not all BowBlade does either. For game systems folks, connect to Wii (with upcoming Nintendo mount) and planned PlayStation and Xbox games. And yes, BowBlade’s tension also enables it to be used as a strength training device. All of this will be available later this Spring starting at $145 for the gaming option or $185 for gaming plus exercise blades. Pre-order on their website and get ready to rock out your archery games like never before.

Thanks: Cult of Mac