The Largest Water Filtering Dog Fountain


Hammacher tends to carry equipment that has superlatives. Case in point, the $119.95 The Largest Water Filtering Dog Fountain, and I am guessing that if you happen to own a toy or miniature breed, this is definitely not the dog fountain for your four legged friend. Basically, the The Largest Water Filtering Dog Fountain earns its stripes by carrying a whopping 3.5 gallons of water, which is far more than any pet fountain available in the market. The fountain itself comes with a 1.5 gallon basin and a couple of 1 gallon reservoirs, which is more than enough to deliver ample water for large breeds, including a Great Dane or St. Bernard. Of course, if you own more than just a couple of dogs who live in harmony without squabbling over mealtimes, then sharing this as their water source is also a good idea.

The Largest Water Filtering Dog Fountain was not developed just for cosmetic purposes only, as it comes with an integrated pump which results in a cascading stream of water into the basin, ensuring that your pooch will be attracted to the sound of trickling water, enticing them to get adequate amounts of water in the process to lower your pet’s risk of kidney disease and urinary tract infection. There is a pre-filter which captures large particulates such as pet hair, and a three-stage charcoal filter will help remove impurities that are responsible for unpleasant tastes and odors in water so that freshness is maintained. The fountain itself is made from UV-resistant plastic so that it is safe for both outdoor and indoor use.

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