Aleratec 1:3 RoboRacer DVD/CD MultiDrive SA Duplicator

I know that you need not necessarily run a piracy ring when it comes to videos and songs being distributed on DVDs and CDs, but just in case you are the de facto tech guy in a family that certainly makes an extreme case for itself when it comes to the words “extended family”, and hence you are designated to make duplicates of all those recorded family moments in Full High Definition quality. Having said that, a solitary DVD burner on your machine is not going to cut the mustard. Far from it! This is where you bring in the heavy duty workers, and the Aleratec 1:3 RoboRacer DVD/CD MultiDrive SA Duplicator would definitely be one of them, as it comes across as a fully-automatic disc duplicator that boasts of not one, but three DVD/CD disc-burning drives as well as a 150-disc capacity for rapid, hands-free completion of disc duplication projects. Even better news? This is a completely standalone duplicator, so there is no need for any computers to come into the equation.

The Aleratec 1:3 RoboRacer DVD/CD MultiDrive SA Duplicator prides itself in being the next generation of innovative robotic disc duplicators, and it will deliver more speed and convenience than any of the prior RoboRacer Aleratec models. It is said that the Aleratec RoboRacer DVD/CD disc duplicator is able to perform high-quality disc copies automatically, so that you are free to spend your precious time to do other things. All you need to do is load the duplicator with a source disc or source image over the USB connection, and slot in a maximum of 150 blank discs, press the push-button controls to begin the duplication process, and you’re good to go.

Perry Solomon, Aleratec’s President and CEO, said, “The 1:3 RoboRacer DVD/CD MultiDrive SA Duplicator advances the successful RoboRacer series with enhancements that promise increased productivity without compromising high-quality results. Our customers will be able to complete their DVD and CD duplication jobs faster and with less interaction required than ever before.”

Expect to pick up the Aleratec 1:3 RoboRacer DVD/CD MultiDrive SA Duplicator for $1,699 a pop.

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